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Veteran Advisor

We've been hoodwinked

  Am I the only one to wonder why Obama agreed to an interview with Fox "News" but not MSNBC?


  And why is it that MSNBC has continually made an issue of whether Obama is a mooslim or not?


  Is it guidance to a non-decisional choice, whereas candidate A is so ludicrous that people will choose candidate B because of rationality? 

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Senior Contributor

Re: We've been hoodwinked

I'm thinking Obama willingly agreed to the FOX interview because he knew he would be able to reach far more people then he could with any normal televised press conference.

Veteran Advisor

Re: We've been hoodwinked

I think he agreed to reach people who ONLY watch that sideshow.

Senior Contributor

Re: We've been hoodwinked

After watching the Iowa focus group, last night,(all Faux viewers) I might add, I'll guarantee when he came on they turned it over! That bunch would rather watch the Simpsons, than give the President one second of their time. The President's time would have been better spent, with his daughters than with that bullheaded slob.

Hey, Craig! Was that you on the front row?? Made an a** of yourself if it was.

Senior Contributor

Re: he wanted some one to see him

being as fox is the no. news network by a landslide i bet he wanted someone to actaully see him as opposed to the algore network which at last count had 18000 viewers--but the  it is a dumocrat  network which mean it only show falesehhods--aint that right not so great

Frequent Contributor

Re: We've been hoodwinked

Pretty much already been stated, but I'll reiterate that the "Factor" has a significant audience and clearly Obama wanted to address this generally more conservative element.  Those that would typically watch MSNBC are already firmly in the Obama fold so nothing to gain.   Only seen the few segments/highlights that O'Reilly has run the past couple of days, didn't bother to watch the whole interview.  Wouldn't disagree that Obama is a personable/likeable individual, just don't endorse his positions nor am I obviously thrilled he is the president.  Also pretty much agree that I "change the channel" or find something else to do when he is speaking, but neither do I bother to listen to Palin or Limbaugh although they have a willing audience with the "better half".  Also studiously avoid the opposing side such as Maddow or Olbermann on his former show.   A few minutes of Glenn Beck is also enough to last several months.  Certainly would again watch Lou Dobbs if he ever returned.