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Senior Contributor

Well, at least peachment p admits it.

Peachment pelosi invited Trump to deliver the 2020 State of the Union address saying she did it in the "spirit of respecting our constitution"; and thus admitting that she disrespected our constitution in 2019.

Peachment p has a lot of mistakes to admit to, but at least this is a start.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Well, at least peachment p admits it.

Be a good day to finally go ahead and impeach the man wouldn't you say. What a chess move that would be. Deliver the impeachment right there on live TV while the house and senate are all together. Right before she introduces the president. What a move that would be. She could call the congress to order and then offer up an Our Father and Hail Mary before she hands over the impeachment. May be wipe away a few tears.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Well, at least peachment p admits it.

That would be unforgivably low, to read the articles of impeachment right before the state of the union address, yet I wouldn't put it past her.  It would show her true person to the world, and all the lefties could laugh, and laugh.  Then we could come up with some reason to impeach P, shouldn't be too difficult.