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Veteran Advisor

Re: Coakley

That must be why The One was doing everything in his power to push Coakley over the finish line.... including an attempt to ridicule Brown about his pick-up truck.

Nah.... they smile for the camera and cuss each other when no one is lookin'.


Re: However....

You are on to something Red...I do beleive that is what people are looking for. It may seem abstract, but look at what's come out of that baseball incident. Praise for civility from every corner. Good piece on that here:


If we are headed in that direction, which I think we may be just simply because if everybody isn't technically broke they know that they tacticly are and that there is a need for change, and the screaming and the hollering form the wings won't bring it. And from the left, throwing money that has to be made up out of thin air at everything and from the right telling everybody how they have to live..have to be bonafied to play...isn't going to work either.


And if you are from the region of the state, which I presume you are from your handle, "everybody's eyes rolling" when you say Democrat isn't anything new. You gave state government Sen. Day for pete's sit in the heart of the stronghold of John Birch Society and KKK activity that doesn't actually go back all that many decades.


Tim is right good...I appreciate your supportive comments.

Veteran Advisor

Re: However....

I really find it quite funny how you and Kraft love to bring up KKK, racism, etc. etc. when discussing downsizing the role of the federal government. I highly doubt that I would get through the door of a KKK rally, by the way.


If there is any racism going on in America right now, it is from the leftist side, assuming that people of color want the government to play a overwhelming role in their lives. Sure you have entrenched project dwellers that may want a government check as much as the stereotypical farmer looking into the back of his mailbox does (yeah , I know the joke about why grain farmers wear hats with a brim), but is it that hard to believe that people can be something more than the color of their skin? Shouldn't we try to preserve a nation that people from all over the world want to immigrate into, because it is a place where you have the freedom to let your abilities decide how far forward you go?


I think that the demcractic party is the most racist organization in America. You guys love to play the race card, over and over. Take away pandering to african-americans and a big block of voters disappears. Take away Obama's blackness, and he would have been laughed right out of the primaries, based on his thin resume. And this last year is showing the value of experience....or the perils of inexperience, to be more precise.


I hope whoever gets the conservative nomination chooses a conservative running mate of color, or vice versa....someone like a Condelessa Rice or a Hispanic business owner or some American Indian that has chosen to assimilate and live off the reservation, and throws the racism right back at the democratic party, where it squarely belongs. How about a brilliant Asian American on a national ticket for a change? Asians have been discriminated against for generations, and even locked up and had their property confiscated. And they still succeed way beyond the average.....why are Asians shut out of the national elections?


I think it is pretty despicable to think that any racial group in America should be deprived of the opportunity to advance and succeed on their own merits.

Senior Contributor

Re: Well now I have to vote for Vander Plaats

I just don't see Culver having much of a chance.  As James Carville once said, "It's the money stupid."   Every town in Iowa is seeing their schools laying off teachers which drives home the point that our state government is struggling financially.  With the recession Iowa has seen it's tax revenues drop along with other states.  Can't blame Culver for that but voters will be reminded during the election of Gov. Culver's spending since taking office which helped worsen our states financial woes.   Culver's 10% across the board cuts also have not been popular.  I give him credit for making cuts but think some things should not have been on the chopping block such as child protection services and schools which were already struggling.