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Wet fields???

Not sure where to post this. Markets where they are debating how wet it is.

Machinery, Crops but what the heck everyone stops here on Ag Forum where the good stuff is discussed.

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Re: Wet fields???

I've seen that before Canuck. Have to wonder if may be they had buried something there not too long ago or if may be there is a new pipe line there. Quite a mess and one heck of a way to treat equipment. Probably was smart enough to combine around it.

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Re: Measuring the rain by the foot, now.

We are beginning to forget measuring the rain by the inch down here.... much easier to just round off to the nearest foot.

Indianola had a tornado that rip up a bunch of houses on the west side of town, missed the farm by a couple of miles and dumped .... God only knows how much rain in less than an hour.

I was hoping for that bit of a dry stretch to finish up the first cutting, but that has gone out the window..... I imagine that the bottom of the hay field, which is about  500 yards from the big creek, is clear under water, now.

There is snapping turtles everywhere, trying to find somewhere that isn't under water.

Come daylight, I will have to go for a long walk and see how bad it all is..... check for washed out fences and trees on the fences, too. ..... cows have a radar for broken fences. Smiley Sad

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Re: Measuring the rain by the foot, now.

Just finished watching Cinderella man you Irish are some tough cookies. Good opportunity to teach the kids about the great depression and family togetherness. 

Just remember Millie if you go out checkin fences lots and lots and lots of DEET I mean bathe in the stuff. The minnissota state bird migrated south and is blood thirsty. I just wonder if there is something wrong with thier blood up there that they have to come down here?   Bruce why must you share like that?  JR

Re: Measuring the rain by the foot, now.

I have been in similar circumstances but not that depth, Craig.  I know the feeling and I hope the damage is not too bad. Good luck.