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What I`d like Mr Donald to say tonight

Ladies and gentlemen, before we get started tonight, I want to apologize to everyone for some remarks that I made, whether you found them offensive or not (and you should) I am sorry.   There is absolutely no one to blame other than my own mouth that uttered those offensive words.   I ran a entertainment based business and I hadn`t yet fully grown up at that time, I have matured now that when I look back at what I said 10 years ago, I do not recognize that person any longer.


The wonderful women that I made those childish remarks about are someone`s daughter, wife and mother and there was no excuse for my stupidity and when I hear my words from 10 years ago I am very ashamed.  If you choose to not vote for me because of what I said, I do understand and hold no ill will toward you.   If I am elected, I will represent you in a way that you will be proud and vote for me for a second term.


To the media, yes I am apologizing for what i obviously did was wrong.  But I stand behind EVERYTHING else I say, so don`t hound me for more apologies..Mexicans are still rapists drug dealers and a few of them might be good but I`m building the wall and sending them all back!

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Re: What I`d like Mr Donald to say tonight

He made those comments when he was 60 years old - so just when is this "growing up" phase going to start.  Sorry....Just like this critter:


striped_skunk (1).jpg


His stripes don't change over time.  


In the case of Trump, if no one hear's the comments, then it's no harm done.  Sorry - it doesn't work like that.


Character is what you are when you think no one is watching.   Trump has shown most of his character right in the open.  We finally get a little glimpse of what is down below.  And that doesn't change....



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Re: What I`d like Mr Donald to say tonight



You want him to say he was immature as a 60 year old man ?!?!



Also, " what is with all these panicked Repblicans saying " as a Father, Hausband..I'm offended "


How about as a MAN period ? How about as a human being ??? To these a-holes women can only be afforded dignity


 if they can be defined somehow as property.


MY wife. MY daughter. 


It always comes back to the man. It always has. "


- Armistead Maupin



You can say, pray and spray all you want about walls and mass deports.


Aint gonna happen. Even tRump has walked that so far back, it fell of the cliff.


He is a pig, but he is your pig. Your family history will recognize that.