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What Is Known About You

I read a book the other day called Surveillance Capitalism.  The author's point was that we have virtually no privacy.  It is very easy to pinpoint you - YOU - using current tools online.  The author claims the big companies fool you, confuse you, even lie to you about how information about you is handled.


What can one do about it?  Give up?  Privacy is lost, don't worry?  Unhook from the grid?  Pass up photos of grandchildren, moving maps, friends phone numbers on quick recall?


Technology is way ahead of the law.  And even if there were an effective law, look at what China, Russia, Middle East and other countries do to control the internet.


If there is a lot of information out there on each of us, it is subject to:


1.  Subpoena

2.  Hacking and blackmail or ransom

3.  Manipulative selling

4.  Ex post facto judgment (look at all the silly stuff people have done in their teens that are now held up for ridicule or worse, even if there was no evil intent)



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Re: What Is Known About You

Answer is changing the way the internet functions.

People should have the rights in deciding what they want to share or not share with the world.

There is a model that is being worked on that will promote privacy. More or less, you will keep and house all of your information, not the websites like it functions now. Decentralization of the web.

There's better articles out there about how it will function....but this will give you a rough idea.
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Re: What Is Known About You

The internet is like walking down the street.

You are in the public.

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Re: What Is Known About You

The answer is digital pier to pier scrambling, an alternative social media ( which is being developed by someone I know), Ham type radio, modulated direct laser beam communications and code communications like what the Navajo code talkers used.  Gaelic language code works well in this country, for example. 

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Re: What Is Known About You

The bigger issue is the places you visit online, what you view, what you buy, where you travel, etc.  It uses apps that capture, analyze and resell your info.  At the end of the day, some people have the ability to know a tremendous amount about you.  Even VPN has entry and exit points.


Some point-to-point communications can be secured.  Much more needs to be addressed.  How does one keep Grainger or Amazon from keeping track of what you buy?


How to keep Visa from knowing what you charge (there are now  stores that won't take cash).



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Re: What Is Known About You

Don't forget about the National Security Agency,  

Image result for what does the national security agency do
The NSA is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign and (domestic) intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, specializing in a discipline known as signals intelligence (SIGINT).
Senior Contributor This is a good...

This is a good interview that explains how NSA functioned before they started keeping everything, and how it was more effective for defense.
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Re: What Is Known About You

In God we trust, all others we monitor!! ASA motto.
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Re: What Is Known About You

WHO   gets  to  view  your  crop  harvest  monitor,  yield  map  information  -  ?