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What Kind of BS

Is a blacked out news conference with our so called president and the press.

This entire administration is so full of BS that Trump can’t do a live news conference with reporters, because his “handlers” are too afraid of how he looks, how his body language gives him away, and so his handlers can “interpret” what he might say.

And then we have the “talking points” that are given to his RWNJ’, like we see on here.

Sorry - this is not what a presidential administration is supposed to be like.

So many lies - so much deceit - damage control when Trump thought he did a great job with Putin. What a dufus thus guy is. Maybe we should have elected Joe the Plumber as president - it couldn’t be any worse.....

Tick Tock......BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: What Kind of BS

It's very simple ;


 Fat Nixon was about to go under for the final time in the mid 90's. He had way over leveraged again and couldn't service his massive debt. His bankers, who had already watched him screw them over with 4 previous bankruptcies cut him off and refused to throw more good money after bad.  In desperation he turned to Russia and was quickly and miraculously flush with cash. He's been laundering dirty Russian money funneled through fronts like Deutche Bank and Bank of Cyprus ever since.  Uday Trump admitted as much in an interview a few years ago " Money is pouring in from Russia" , " Right now , Russia makes up a pretty disproportionate cross section of our assets ".   Daddy Putin has all of this and can release it at any time that he chooses. That is what Daddy Putin has on Fat Nixon and it makes it very easy to understand why Fat Nixon is so very subservient and wussified when dealing with Daddy Putin.  Fat Nixon knows that if it comes out he is going to the crowbar hotel for a long time.

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Re: What Kind of BS

Jenny, sure is entertaining seeing you all fired up.