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Re: What a bunch of wambats

Ishmael has a tough job, she has to try and be fair and I get the idea she`s a bit little liberal believe it or not she is doing a good job.  But I think she holds her nose and reads these discussion/arguments and says "hey, I might be a liberal, but these conservative guys are really making good points....hmm maybe they are right after all!"  Because you gotta admit, you liberals are the mean one`s, us conservatives are just having good natured fun.


The Meredith Corp would rather we all were kind of like Jeff Flake or George Bush, but they kind of give us a wide berth in our opinions because rural America backs Trump.  But I`ll say up front, I can`t afford what they`re advertising, so don`t cut me any special favors.   I do appreciate their fairness, I`ve had things deleted and I deserve it, my honesty is kind of hard for some people to hear when they don`t often hear the truth in real life.  And I don`t have to appease advertisers the way Ishmael probably has to.  


I just can`t not be honest and if they have to ban me for the sake of the site, that will be okay.   You know, I`ve done this for about 11 years now, I try to be nice, but I just can`t pretend that I`m deaf and blind to what`s going on in world events today.