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What a bunch of wambats

This place is becoming more and more out of
Touch each day.
Not sure why the parent company keeps
Paying the bill. The only thing I see is that
They think the demographics have Trump
Supporters...after all rural America voted Trump.
In order to keep the numbers good for the book
So they can show to advertisment.
Yes, I believe there is a slant here.
But...they most likely figured to allow the ranker
Is to get that demographics....that they mistakenly
Think is rural that no other ag web
Site would allow the stink as here.
Agtalk would not....and they are better for it.
Ag web has let the forum fall apart...
Very few other ag forum sites, let alone, ones
That have so many vocal people with stones
In their bellys.

But then again.....just how many people post
Here anyhow ???

Not worth the hosting fee.

It's funny...alot of people have left, or don't read..and
Now, comments how people don't respond to
Their insane are all the same...your
Own little you don't know how to
Carry on a civil conversation without ripping

You keep putting down everyone and everything

There is a old careful what you wish may get it.

Merry Christmas
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Re: What a bunch of wambats

Ishmael has a tough job, she has to try and be fair and I get the idea she`s a bit little liberal believe it or not she is doing a good job.  But I think she holds her nose and reads these discussion/arguments and says "hey, I might be a liberal, but these conservative guys are really making good points....hmm maybe they are right after all!"  Because you gotta admit, you liberals are the mean one`s, us conservatives are just having good natured fun.


The Meredith Corp would rather we all were kind of like Jeff Flake or George Bush, but they kind of give us a wide berth in our opinions because rural America backs Trump.  But I`ll say up front, I can`t afford what they`re advertising, so don`t cut me any special favors.   I do appreciate their fairness, I`ve had things deleted and I deserve it, my honesty is kind of hard for some people to hear when they don`t often hear the truth in real life.  And I don`t have to appease advertisers the way Ishmael probably has to.  


I just can`t not be honest and if they have to ban me for the sake of the site, that will be okay.   You know, I`ve done this for about 11 years now, I try to be nice, but I just can`t pretend that I`m deaf and blind to what`s going on in world events today. 

Senior Contributor

Re: What a bunch of wambats

I'm working on a playground that you can "let your hair down " and call a spade, a spade. I'll let you know when it's ready. 

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Re: What a bunch of wambats

Thanks Craig. Perhaps it`s time to move on, but I do need a few liberals to argue with  Smiley Happy   just to keep my edge.  I tried to login in on Sam`s deal, but reading the agreements and 'premium...recommended" and "payments and tokens" kind of scared me a bit.  They have to make money some how, with this site it`s ads, with social media they mine your data.   What they need to do is say "a year subscription is $10...say anything you want as long as it isn`t illegal".   I mean I don`t want to get billed $100 for tokens one day  and then my subscription automatically renews  Smiley Happy

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Re: What a bunch of wambats

Bless you Milligan.....I can hardly wait

🤡 "And Mexico will pay for it"
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Re: What a bunch of wambats

Ba you really think the moderator is liberal?? Is that why you get away with the crap you dish out? And racer and bass? Do you personally know Ishmael? That is a man’s name in case you didn’t know.
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Re: What a bunch of wambats

No, Ishmael is a woman and I think she might be hot...just sayin`.   But one time Ishmael kind of chimed in with an opinion in a discussion and it was on the liberal side of things, I don`t recall what it actually was though. 


Re: What a bunch of wambats

Ishmael  = " I she-male"


BA figured out the code. lol

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Re: What a bunch of wambats

On, I haven't seen an advertisment nor have I signed up for premium, haven't spent a cent there.


from wikiepdia:

Minds is an open source and distributed social networking service, integrating the blockchain to reward the community with ERC-20 tokens for various contributions to the network.[3] Users can use their tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund and tip other users by subscribing to them monthly in exchange for exclusive content and services.

Minds has become popular for its commitment to privacy, decentralization, optional anonymity, radical transparency, free speech, and user rewards in contrast to the surveillance, secrecy, censorship, and algorithm manipulation occurring on many proprietary social networks.