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What a bunch of wambats

This place is becoming more and more out of
Touch each day.
Not sure why the parent company keeps
Paying the bill. The only thing I see is that
They think the demographics have Trump
Supporters...after all rural America voted Trump.
In order to keep the numbers good for the book
So they can show to advertisment.
Yes, I believe there is a slant here.
But...they most likely figured to allow the ranker
Is to get that demographics....that they mistakenly
Think is rural that no other ag web
Site would allow the stink as here.
Agtalk would not....and they are better for it.
Ag web has let the forum fall apart...
Very few other ag forum sites, let alone, ones
That have so many vocal people with stones
In their bellys.

But then again.....just how many people post
Here anyhow ???

Not worth the hosting fee.

It's funny...alot of people have left, or don't read..and
Now, comments how people don't respond to
Their insane are all the same...your
Own little you don't know how to
Carry on a civil conversation without ripping

You keep putting down everyone and everything

There is a old careful what you wish may get it.

Merry Christmas