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What a campaign slogan.

"It took time to free the slaves."---Barack Obama 9-30-2010.

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bruce MN
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Re: What a campaign slogan.

It didn't?

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Re: What a campaign slogan.

Republicans have a simple slogan that seems to be working quite well.


I'm not a Democrat!!!








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Re: This'll have you grabbing for the Kleenex

Bruce, you know the right ins't interested nor even believes such stuff as this gentleman writes and won't even look at it because of his name.

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Contenders for future moral condemnation

Interesting piece and so true that things look so much different when we look back on things that used to be accepted.

Of course some of those things that most of us now condemn are still practiced by some of those who either do not understand or just want to retain the past and of course some will quote their god as giving them the right to continue what most of us see as criminal or at least inhumane.

His one suggestion for future condemnation caught my eye 

 "We have 4 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of its prisoners. No other nation has as large a proportion of its population in prison; China's rate is less than half of ours."

I recently read a piece in a Canadian paper about the large % of your population that are incarcerated and how your country is well ahead of others in this area.

I think the article I read also pointed out that almost half your prison population is African-American. What % of the population is?

I think Canada will be in line for a condemnation in this area too as the % of our native people that are in our prisons is way above the % of the population.

There has to be a better way of dealing with people than just locking them up and forgetting about them and I am sure the future will look back with disdain at our way.

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Re: What a campaign slogan.

I don't see the ex-vice president campaigning to much lately---and or is it "no tea for me" !!!