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What a crock of $%#

you know, i consider myself somewhat of a fair person....yes i go off on a tanget once in a while, and i do like a little color in my life,

and do understand that some people see things different than me....i do try to hear both sides and agree they each have a right to

be herd...all though be it maybe not quite correct.....i try to pray a couple times a day, be good to old people and kids, take my

cap off when i go into a church or restrant. And try to watch my language, and keep my drinking into moderation.........

no i'm not a saint...just a person trying to do the best i can...............................




I'm sorry.......but this new bunch, and the republicans have just went nuts !!!!!


what this country will be in 4 years, frankly is scaring the hell out of me.....i frankly feel they have not a clue, they are just walking

about with blood in their eyes, saying we're going to change everything, not thiking it is right or wrong.........yes, the american

people might not be happy with things.....but they didn't tell this new bunch to just tear the $%@# out of everything..they

expected them to use some common sence......which alast this bunch does demostrated by their actions........


first.......the republican are trying to do away with an oversight unit, that would police members and others in the house and was done with little info put out....remember how the republicans took the cameras outs

of the chamber of the house.......well guess what boys and girls.....if this doesn't stink like we do it behind closed does,

don't announce it, and do away with something that watch's us.........i frankly don't know what does.......


it's soo bad..........even somewhat upset about it...........


ok.....ACA......we're going to do away with it.......we don't know what we are going to replace it with........but it's going.....

this morning, the question was asked.....if why did what they wanted......would some people be without health insurance tomarrow ???

one person.......after hawked on several times, had to admit..........YES


I am sick and tired of everyone going on and on about healthcare.......they know it all about's obamacare that is the problem.....




For a few months i have been working with a group of people working on a soluation for healthcare for people in rural areas in our

state......i can't say alot since things are still in motion....i will say that all of this talk has halted our efforts and made things more





Due to this, i have had an education on how health insurance and the industry works.....and I dare say, many many many people

do not understand it, and there is far too much venom being spit about by people that have not a clue about it, other than what some

radio talk show blerts out, or some ideas of grandure made up in coffee gathering spots throught the country......


i have things to do today, but, i want to address on issue that everyone seems will solve the problem.......the issue of insurance

companies being able to write across state lines......this idea is just loaded with can do that

already !!!!  it's very simple, you apply to the state insurance commissioners office in each state, file the proper forms, ets......

yes, it is more regulation is a STATE issue, if you want to wave your magic wand and say every

state can be written have just opened up a can of worms that will take years to settle in the courts and will most

likly after years, end up at the highest court in the land..........

then lets look at the pratical and business side of the question......the key players in most insurance coverage in states

are MUTUAL companys tend to have lower operations cost, and the profits that are made are then

given back to the shareholders (policy holders), in the form of lower premiums or increased benefits.  Naturally since

their premiums and or coverage is better, they have the larger number of customers....and in insurance, the larger and

more diverse the pool is, the better, to ofset risk......

now comes the bandwagon to town, wanting to allow everyone to write is the problem, most are companys

that want to see this, they have a "profit" core, and usually have a higher operations costs, and all profits will go to shareholders.

Due to this, their plans are usually higher in cost, or lessor boils down to

you have so much comming in, and going out, if a group must make a profit (which the compnay must), you MUST charge more

or have less you will have a smaller base of customers, since most will go with a mutual company........

the idea of being able to write in all states, will make a bigger customer base, and that is "better"......not really, yes the

number will be bigger of those insured by a company.....but they still will have a smaller group in each state, and thus

will loose much of the precieved gain.......some say that competetion is a certain extent...but one of the

biggest drivers in the insurance industry is premium cost.....say you shoot low on premium, to get business....that might

be ok....but consider....if they have a bunch of claims, will they be able to handle them ??

second, there tends to be a trend that those with low incomes do not have as good as health, and have higher health costs.

examples are those who have injuries or conditions, they may not be able to work, and may not have disability, or have

significant cronic health conditions, or less than optium organ function......due to a small amount of money available

they will go with the lowest cost premium.......thus the company, trying to get more customers, did indeed get more

customers, but their cost of healthcare may be double or more cost of to price the cost of care

for cancer treatment, or an organ transplant ?


that idea of "letting you write everywhere" just a PR play......they can do it now, and they know it's not a wise

business move.


oh yes.....each state has a "loss profile"......why do you think some companys pulled out of some states ???


the american people need to inform themselves on the subject matter of not depend on talk radio and other stuff

to learn the truth and understand the truth......but again.......that is becomming more difficult all the time.


this weekend, the movie "a few good men" was on the the movie the comment was made....."the couldn't

handle the truth"......


my responce...............try me



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Good Post

But you are going to be a lot more "sick and tired" in one month as you watch the dangerous GOP sociopaths take over control of the USA.



Senior Contributor

Re: What a crock of $%#

Flee to Canada 🇨🇦, before it is too late!  They even speak English up dare, eh? Or to Cuba, it is a lot warmer, ¡Si!

Senior Contributor

WE need more MIlligans !!


Please we need MORE of you to speak out MORE often !!


Your blind devotion and  extreme idiocy will put this country back on track faster then any EO would ever do.


I would even make some calls to get you on Any MSM network of your choosing.


I completely underestimated your val-ewe


Thank you !!


Better Idea

How bout if YOU move to Canada, up around the Artic Circle, preferably out of WIFi range?

Senior Contributor

Re: Better Idea

sellerbe; maybe he will not be allowed to immigrate.

Thousands are turned away every year so you may be stuck with him.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Better Idea

Are you saying that Canada is a backwards zenophobic country? thing we know Trudeau will build a wall.