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Veteran Advisor

What a waste of electric power.

This section of the website.
It has just turned into a hate fest
And a group of people that just
Can not believe Trump can do
Not wrong.


About 5 hours ago, he said this

Russian thing was a lie.


His own government says otherwise.


He wants the attorney general stop

It...why...the investigation wants

To question trump...and they are

Scared to.


Seems like 1974 again



2 Replies

Re: What a waste of electric power.

Our institutions functioned in 1974- no telling if they will this time, or not.


BTW, the RW correctly analyzed the defeats of McCarthy and Nixon and knew that it had to create its own alternate news universe if it was going to win next time.


30% in the orbit of that universe and 10% laughing all the way to the bank may be enough to jam the whole thing up.


Re: What a waste of electric power.

That aside, here's the thing you have to realize about RW trolls- and I also need to remind myself.


They don't have a coherent philosophy other than what is provided for them. They simply hate us and revel in anything that makes our heads explode.