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Re: What a waste

Now if you want to just believe then so be it but at least acknowledge that those who wish to live in reality and await proof have more than 'faith' in their understanding of how the universe works.


Deal. When you have proof get back to us.

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Re: What a waste

Answer the science question. Give me your proof of Bruce Jenner being a girl. Or do you just believe?

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Re: What a waste

Canuck, your car is sitting there, however you don`t know for sure it`ll start or go 100 miles or kilometers down the road so you that can keep your promise.  There was a runner in Des Moines finished the race and died at the finishline, perhaps he ran 100`s of other similar races and was just fine, maybe he had plans for after the race that now won`t get met.  


Science is evolving all the time, latest scientific beliefs are that Darwin was wrong on the origin of species, however he was "right about tadpoles to monkeys and monkeys to humans...and by the way there is no God" .  Whatever "science" comes up with, the theist can say "oh, well that is how God did it" .   If you understand the Bible, it does match up with science.  On the "6th day" God created man male and female then God rested on the 7th day and AFTER that God created Adam & there were people here on earth thousands of years before Adam & Eve.  The Hebrew word "Yom" means a day of 24 hours or a period of time which could be millions of years.  But Sunday school teachers say "God created the earth in 7 literal days"...trouble with that is the Bible was written by men inspired by God in the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic language NOT English.  But then the can of worms is opened up "oh you mean the Chinese, African-Americans, ect didn`t come from Adam & Eve 6,000yrs ago????"   You see where that`s a can of worms that many Christians would rather not discuss...but I will Smiley Happy

Christians are not inflicting their beliefs on you atheists (with the possible exception of those of you that want to kill babies) Some atheists don`t want to kill babies either, it`s more of a moral issue than a religious one.  But I rather see the Godless forcing Christian bakeries to make gay wedding cakes or lose their business and many other targeted harassment of Christians in America.  You leave us alone and not kill anyone and we`ll all get a long just fine.  

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Re: What a waste

Exactly BA. Our car is sitting there, we know it works and has worked well in the past.

Now the magic being that you just believe in has never been seen or even any action from it that can be shown to have been carried out by it.  That is why it is just a belief while our car is reality even if it does not start the next time we get in it.  It is a 2006 model with well over 300,000 km now so why would we be surprised if it has a problem once in a while.

Science is evolving all the time, latest scientific beliefs are that Darwin was wrong on the origin of species

And science evolving is a good thing as new things are discovered and new ways of looking at things become available our understanding is always improving.

Now I would sure like to know where and how Darwin has been show to be wrong about evolution. Yes no doubt some little items have been shown to be different from what he understood but the main theory of evolution has only received more proof all the time.

Why do you think the gays that showed that businesses can not discriminate were atheists? They were gay but there is no reason to think they are not religionists as that was not a factor in the case.

BTW there was an item about a pastor who also worked in law enforcement being put on leave after he called for gays to be killed in a sermon he was giving in his CHRISTIAN church. Not sure where in the US but it was the USA that it happened in.


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Re: What a waste

Acting on homosexual desires is an abomination to God, it`s a sin.  But we are all sinners deserving of death, to look at a woman lustfully that isn`t your wife is a sin, to lie is a sin, to take Lord`s name in vain is a sin, to covet your neighbor`s BTO operation and prom queen wife are sins so we all sin.  The Old Testament called for death to particular abominations against God, however like animal sacrifices have been done away with with Christs death on the cross.  I`ll just say "there is no sin in Heaven" so if you want to have eternal life, you will have to repent all your other words you can`t take your Playboy collection and a bottle of whisky to the Promised Land   Smiley Happy 


Here is something you might find interesting about fellow eggheads disagreeing with Darwin...oh they still don`t believe in God, but they now disagree with Darwin.  


Until recently, the central tenets of Darwin’s theory of evolution, from how heredity works to the gradual variation in species, had been regarded as settled and beyond challenge. But as David Quammen, a National Geographic contributing writer, explains in his new book The Tangled Tree, new discoveries in human biology in the last few decades have led scientists to radically alter the story of the origins of life, with powerful implications for our health—and even our very nature.

When National Geographic caught up with the author at his home in Montana, he explained how the discovery of a new “third kingdom” of life changed our understanding of evolution, how so-called kissing bugs can move DNA from one species to another, and why the gene-editing tool CRISPR presents exciting new possibilities, as well as ethical challenges. 


And it was a Catholic priest that first came up with the Big Bang Theory, to actually explain "how God did it".   


Atheists, devout Christians, you might want to sit down for this: The Big Bang theory was first proposed by a Roman Catholic priest.   

It wasn't just any priest. It was Monseigneur George Lemaître, a brilliant Belgian who entered the priesthood following his service as an artillery officer in the Belgian army during World War I. He was also an accomplished astronomer and a talented mathematician and physician. After earning his graduate degree in astronomy from the University of Cambridge in England, he came to Boston and spent a year at the Harvard College Observatory before earning his doctorate at MIT.

In the late 1920s, Lemaître quietly put forth a theory he called his "hypothesis of the primeval atom." At the time, Einstein’s notion of a finite-sized, static universe ruled the day. But the fields of astronomy and cosmology were developing rapidly on the heels of Einstein’s breakthrough 1916 Theory of General Relativity. And as brilliant minds began extrapolating new equations from Einstein’s work, a static universe was posing some serious problems in the math. Problems that in many cases, could be ironed out if the universe was not fixed, but rather growing.

Lemaître imagined that if the universe was expanding, it had to be expanding from somewhere and some point in time. He figured that if you traced the idea of the universe back in time, all the way to the very beginning, everything had to converge into a single point. Lemaître called that point a superatom. He suggested that the expansion of the universe had resulted from the explosion of this superatom that hurled materials in all directions, and set the universe as we know it in motion.

"This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened." -Albert Einstein

At a conference in the 1930s, where Lemaître presented his theory, Einstein reportedly remarked, "This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened."

As astonishing as Lemaître's idea was, perhaps equally surprising to us now was the reaction of the church. Lemaître was not jailed by the Pope like Galileo. He was not excommunicated the way Johannes Keppler was by the Lutheran Church. Quite the opposite. In the early 1950s, Pope Pius XII not only declared that the big bang and the Catholic concept of creation were compatible; he embraced Lemaître's idea as scientific validation for the existence of God and of Catholicism. 

For his part, Lemaître was not pleased with the Pope’s position. He believed fiercely in the separation of church and lab. He viewed religion and science as two, equally valid, distinct ways of interpreting the world, both of which he believed in with deep conviction:

"We may speak of this event as of a beginning. I do not say a creation. Physically it is a beginning in the sense that if something happened before, it has no observable influence on the behavior of our universe, as any feature of matter before this beginning has been completely lost by the extreme contraction at the theoretical zero. Any preexistence of the universe has a metaphysical character...The question if it was really a beginning or rather a creation, something started from nothing, is a philosophical question which cannot be settled by physical or astronomical considerations."


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Re: What a waste

Homosexuality is a natural occurrence and is considered a 'sin' by religionists.

So if you just believe it is a 'sin' then deal with it but do not force your beliefs on others fro something which happens through out the animal kingdom.


Your article about Darwin does not refute the theory of evolution but just points out some of the new things that science has found that Darwin did not find or at least note in his writings. The theory still stands but like all theories is able to be corrected and adapted when new wrinkles are discovered.

the theory of gravity is still well founded even though some parts of it are not understood yet. Science is working on it.

The old religious book does not allow changes in theories all you can do is go back to the story and 'reinterpret it' to sound like it describes what science has shown to be true.

Yes a religionist first described the Big Bang theory and the church was quick to adapt the interpretation of the old book to say it actually agreed with science even though no one recognized that description until science showed it to be the correct understanding.

So if you want to know something first follow science not old beliefs.

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Re: What a waste

Yes homosexuality is a sin, but also is going to a stripper bar renting a pornographic movie, drinking too much and other things I could mention too racy for this family friendly site.  But I don`t care if some indulge in those legal activities on their own time, just don`t demand that I approve of sins and bake cakes in their celebration...fair enough?

Canuck wrote:

"Science is working on it."


That is my entire point, see don`t embrace Darwin as "settled science" and then out of the other side of your mouth denounce "magical beings" as "no proof" ...and then 2 minutes later say "science is working on it" .  


In the physical realm, I have no doubt that creation of the universe happened much the way science explains it over the course of a "Yom" 14 billion years or longer with God`s hand in accordance with the Scriptures.   


The Hebrew word יום (yom, Strong's #3117) means a "day," but not specifically a twenty-four hour period, but instead more generically like in "a day that something occurs." An example would be "a day of the month" (Genesis 8:4), "in that day Yahweh made a covenant" (Genesis 15:18) and "until the day" (Genesis 19:37). This word can also refer to the light part of the day in contrast to night (see Genesis 1:5 and Exodus 13:21), but the related word יומם (yomam, Strong's #3119) specifically means "daytime" as in Job 5:14. This word can be used for a time, age or season, but that is only when this word is in the plural form, which is ימים (yamim), and in my opinion should simply be translated as "days" and not time, age or season, as this can lead to incorrect interpretations of the text. The word היום (hayom) is the word יום (yom) with the prefix ה (ha) added and it literally means "the day," but we would translate it as "today."

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Re: What a waste

You’ve got a real hang up about Jenner. It’s got nothing to do with science.  It also none of your business to be honest. Your religious beliefs are the problem. 

Its amazing how so many people use their “faith” as justification for a god. I would give anything for someone to provide evidence of gods existence. They have had 2000 years to do it but alas, nothing. Forget all the ramblings of bibles and psalms. Cut to the chase and provide the evidence. It’s that simple. 

You can deny the truth but it is still the truth whilst you can believe a lie but it’s still a lie. No amount of biblical references is proof of anything. The only plausible evidence available is the science. As for two rocks becoming live, that really does show your ignoranct dismissal of evolution   Cheers  


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Re: What a waste

Does science tell you Bruce Jenner is a girl? Simple question.

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Re: What a waste

You are missing the point BA that your 'sin' is for you to deal with and should not be forced on others especially something like homosexuality which is a natural occurrence in all the animal world.

Just as a business can not discriminate with customers by skin colour, social standing, where they lived or which of the fictitious gods they claim to exist if you are in business you can not discriminate against same sex couples. No one forces people to go into business and once you open your doors you have to serve everyone who wishes to buy.

The advantage of science over old folk tales in old books is they are still 'working on it', still learning and improving our understanding of how the universe works. That is why the theory of evolution is true, proven over and over but is still being improved on how all the details fit.  That old book remains constant and is only reinterpreted AFTER science shows where it is wrong.

And there you go 'reinterpreting' what the word DAY means. If it mean millions of years then why did religionists insist for many years that it meant 24 hours, indeed many still do. i guess they did not get the memo about reinterpreting the the 'Absolute Word of God'