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What has happened to us ?

Well tonight, i turned on youtube and had wonderful images of christmas, with classical christmas music playing.

i enjoy christmas...yes, i'm one that like to keep the christmas tree up quite a while past christmas...last year was

valentines day...i'm sorry, but to me it's pretty...i've been known to set in the living room, by myself with the lights off, except

for the christmas tree lit...those little multi colored lights just fill the room with a warm glow......

to me, it brings back many memories....good memories...yes things were tough back then...we didn't have the fancy vehicles

we do now...remember when you had to go out and start the car to get warmed up...rather than push a button on the key chain.

communities would come together...i remember we used to have a community christmas party...we would have either vegtable,

chilli or "oyster stew"...sweet rolls....and ground lunchmeat with eggs, onions, pickle relish, salad dressing, and just a bit of

sugar, spread on white bread...we would eat, sing, have cake walks, play bingo, santa would show up, and talk to everyone

who had a christmas wish to share...and then as leaving, everyone got a treat apple, orange, a few peanuts in the

shell, and some hard candy....we would then all go home, in our cars and pickups....happy in most ways....

back when we didn't always have cabs on tracts, but heater tarps as we called them...i remember as a kid, we had

a M we used to feed with in the winter, the tarp would cover most of the front of the tractor, then had plexiglass where

the driver would take the trailer out or when the snow got heavy, we had a slead of sorts...out to the

field where you planted "feed"...sargo what it was would have the feed in shocks...i remember seems like

in every big pile, in the middle of winter, there were a few mice the fall, we had a single row "corn binder"...

i got the job of riding it....and steping on the thing that made the shock go would let them off in rows in the

fiield...then you would come along and then "shock" it....that was my job as a kid...i would hold the two shocks together

while my dad and grandpa would add more around them.........later, we got a 4x4 pickup, and loaded the feed in

the back, and if needed, you would put it in first gear,  get out and pull the feed off....or unload the bales...granted you did

this on a flat area, and drove well ahead of the cattle.


what has happened to us......i wanted to do an old fashioned christmas this year....last one was a few years

would have thouht i suggested some sort of horrible and evil thing....


first....the meal we had back then....wasn't good enough for today.....


the activties......boring.......


i had planned to have a bike and ipad for kids that all ???


and he gift that all.....if that's all you are giving out, might well not do it.....


today, when you feed cattle, you use round bales.....and feed with a tractor with a cab.....or a bale feeder on the back of a 4x4 pickup...

spend the minium in the weather..


what's happened to us.....i remember back then, we were happy....we worked hard, but we had roof over our heads, and food

in our belly's


people worked together....we had community the opposite....many want others to fail, so they can get what

they have for a little bit of nothing....


maybe i should rephrase something.....maybe christmas time is a bitter sweat time.....good memories of the past, and looking how things

are my humble opinion....things are worse.....


i wonder....can we get back what we had before ???   or is commerical and industry got too big a hold on us ???


dang, wished the milo would dry down so i could get it cut....then onto more important getting the christmas tree up....

making piles of banna bread...peanut clusters....peanut brittle...little pretzels dunked in white chocolate..cherry mash...dates with pecans in them, rolled in powdered sugar and if you are very lucky....marzipan....and other goodies........and enjoying the pretty lights on the tree....and travel back to a better time.




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Re: What has happened to us ?

It will take a revival to get back to the way we were. Jesus Christ needs to fill the hearts and minds of his people again. Only way.

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Re: What has happened to us ?

When my dad was a young man there was an old lady in the neighborhood with an invalid husband. All of the neighbors would gather for a day and cut her enough fire wood to last the whole winter. It must have meant a lot to my dad because he would tell me the story every year until he died. I still drive past the place, the house is long gone but I still tell my kids about where their grandpa and his neighbors gathered one day each year. Thanks for making me remeber that elcheap. When we get done with this corn I think I'm going to start getting ready for Christmas too. God bless you.


Re: What has happened to us ?

It's really worse than that.


Farmers are already obsolete, just wating for the last of the recreational tractor drivers to give up.


People who are pining over the lost priveleges of the '50s and made angry over who they lost them to are more likely to be used to accelerate it than to stop it.

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Re: What has happened to us ?

"Farmers are already obsolete,...?"


Come on Hard,

Really? Farmers will become obsolete the same day that eating becomes obsolete. 


ANF my friend, ANF


Re: What has happened to us ?

Those happy farm families of the '50s also lacked the imagination to see what was coming.

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Re: What has happened to us ?

Yeah, yeah, yeah and Grandpa had to walk 10 miles uphill both ways in the snow to school. You guys should start worrying about putting Christ back into Christian instead of worrying so much about Christmas!!!!