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Senior Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

You finally told the truth. Dems are nothing but animals. Violent intolerant animals. They eat their young. They attack anyone not like them. They have no conscious.

Senior Contributor

Re: What have I missed here?

@cmilligan1958g wrote:

The Bolshevik minions are just parroting what the media elite tell them they parrot. The media has to tell them that they are 16 percent points ahead, so they won’t get depressed and lose any manufactured enthusiasm. If they were that far ahead, that would be a 49 state sweep and the brain-dead finger fornicator would be campaigning in Wyoming, instead of Pennsylvania, yesterday. Sixteen points is what Nixon won by.  Always remember, the Bolsheviks will lie, cheat, steal, burn and murder to get control of power. We have to turn out every single vote that we can. Every one of us must convince at least one more person to reject the Bolsheviks by Election Day. Do it like your soul depends on it. 

It looks like the President is going to be keeping the coup d’etât traitors busy with indictments while the new Supreme Court justice gets installed. She will shut down the leftists from cheating after Election Day. 

Everyone to their battle stations. On to Victory. 

Biden is out saying it was white supremacist that did all the burning looting and murder.   And these people suck down the koolaide and parrot that line despite the fact that it makes them look like lying idiots.

Senior Contributor

Re: What have I missed here?

Point of order concerning the fear of flying of the American flag.

This year Old Glory has become the proxy yard sign and bumper sticker of choice for Trump supporters. These are the same people who wish to show their political support for President Trump, but nevertheless have no desire to have their own homes, their vehicles, or themselves harmed by one of the mostly peaceful protesters aligned with Joe Biden (a.k.a. BLM/Antifa operatives). 

Besides, what better way to drive a Democrat Party loyalist positively mad this year than to proudly fly your American flag on all of the non national holiday days. Vampires have a greater desire to be near crosses and wooden stakes than do Democrats for anything having to do with American flags, the National Anthem, or the pledge of allegiance.


Veteran Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

many times a "slip" in language usage is more honest than the corrected version.

I really don't feel inclined to fight for the right of karens to sin, and won't send my sons to fight for them, either.

I feel a lot more like the republican patriarch Jimmy Stewart in Shenandoah than the looney liberal Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan's white privileged rear end.

When it gets personal, then I am all in.

Veteran Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

Packard, Joe Biden was airing a sound bite commercial here in MN with him in front of seven (7) American flags for a while, but I have not it aired lately. Probably was causing too much of a back lash.

One thing about the coming least the good guys won't have to get a new flag this time either.

Veteran Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

What a bunch of roachs

This man is a saint...according

To you.

My friends mother passed away.

Trump says covid is just the

Flu...first, if its just the flu why

Is he still being treated with

Experimental medications

Being monitored, etc ?

Second....only the flu...well it

Proved deadly...its aftermath

And lingering effects.


He is not fit for office

His eratic and bazar behavior

Is a sign something is wrong

And he needs to be relieved 

Of command.  This person is

So full of other

Presidents in the past, they knew

When they needed to hand over

The keys to the country...for

The good of the country....this

One will not.....when his oxygen

Levels dropped...medically he

Was not profusing enough oxygen

To the brain, and he was impaired.

You want to argue that fact...I

Welcome it...I will eat you alive

With facts...but oh....thats right

You people dont believe in facts.

Science is bad, just trumps voice

Matters.  Trump is on the FDA to

Lower the requirements and standards to approve vaccine by

Election day (folks thats what trump said yesterday...his words

Not mine).

Last week I was on a zoom meeting

And people from cdc, fda...said

The soonest they expected a vaccine to be available will

Be this spring !!

Why the disconnect...trump telling

Everyone by election....those working with it....this spring ?

He is going off the deep end.

Pense needs to stop running for

VP... and assume the duties of president....

Trump is either medically or

Mentally unstable at this time

to lead.

Poor workers at the white house,

Being exposed to COVID 19

By trump....and will be getting

Cards, letters and pictures from

Over 200,000 families...saying

That their loved ones did not

Die from the results of the




Senior Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

Somebody needs to remove their 'Weekend with Biden' glasses and take a look at him (and the Democratic party) with the same critical eyes as they look at Trump (and the Republican Party).  Don't be blinded by the media, nor what either party says about themselves nor their candidate.

Veteran Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

Have you missed what has gone on with Trump over the last 4 and a half years?   It sure appears you have.  How about just the last few days, when he won’t commit to a CDC review of how he got Covid, and when.   Trump doesn’t want that box opened, does he?  Why not?  

It’s like Trump says of those pleading the fifth, “They’re guilty!!!!”   Trump doesn’t ever let it get that far, he just denies it, or says, “No - I’m not releasing that!”   He just pleaded the fifth to America....America knows....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying or fear mongering... or voter suppression.



Veteran Advisor

Re: What have I missed here?

the obvious answer to how Trump got Covid would be from the lips of the comely Ms. Hope Hicks.

She has a history of being attracted to powerful married men, and he has a history of being weak around good looking women....sometimes one plus one does equal two.

and at this point in politics, I don't care....if Trump is the answer to secure borders, law and order, private property rights, and freedom to be a Christian, I am all in for the guy, regardless of his personal shortcomings.

bruce MN

The Pres says your friend’s Mother

wasn’t supposed To have let Covid “dominate” her.

If only he’d have told us sooner.