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What if?

Supposedly, the fed printed $7 trillion or more in the bank bailout without the approval of congress.Small mark on the economy?


Say we end the federal tax collection. That would be absolutely nirvana for the haves. So how do we fund government. Remove the fed and the government takes over the money printing. Print enough funds to pay for government spending.


The only tax placed on the public is the inflationary tax as prices go higher due to dollar deflation. This would be a perfect world for business as they would be immune from those crushing taxes that they don't pay.


Every body that has a dollar would see it value decline in buying power but no one would have to send in a check to uncle sam. Payroll taxes would be eliminated and folks would take their dollars earned home.


The end of federal deficits and debt as governmernt would just print a few more bucks to pay down existing debt.


So my political rally cry is not "NO NEW TAXES!"   it's "NO OLD TAXES EITHER!" Please send your donation as I need campaign money to run as an independent!  There goes the teabaggers party. There aint no republican or democrat that can compete with that.

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Re: What if?

If the repubs are smart when the pay roll tax comes up in Feb they will go for a 3-4% reduction instead of Obama's 2. The dems have opened the door to the end of SS.

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Re: What if?


So the Bush tax cuts meant andend to america as we know it?

Senior Contributor

Re: What if?

Wasn't this what the 2008 election was all about? 

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Re: What if?

Why do you care?  You weren't ever going to get it anyway.