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What is a 'liberal'

Interesting short clip about what a 'leberal ' is.

Did you know that in Australia it is not what you think it is in USA?



So what is a classical liberal?

First off, you should totally click the play button on this page to hear the audio explainer. It's got all kinds of fun music and clips of people using the word 'liberal' in weird and hilarious ways. Like when Rush Limbaugh said the Soviet Union and Cuba and China were run by 'liberals.' Weird.

Part of the problem with the word 'liberal' is its used differently across time, and across countries. In Canada, the word mostly means a supporter of the Liberal Party, or someone in the political middle. In the United States, it means a strong social progressive, and in some circles can mean a socialist or a communist. In Europe it's associated with internationalism and free migration. In Australia, in the words of Australian Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull, it means the primacy of "freedom, the individual, and the market."

That last one, the Australian definition, is probably closest to what political scientists consider a classical liberal view.

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Re: What is a 'liberal'

Didn't go to link, yet what you said seems quite true.