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What is it about Australia

That calling some one an Australian is so offensive it is a criminal offense?



Czech-born Petra Mills, 31, was found guilty of racially aggravated public disorder after yelling at neighbour in Chelsea O’Reilly, a dual British-New Zealand citizen who lived next door in Macclesfield, south of Manchester.

According to Fairfax New Zealand, O’Reilly told the court:

“She called me a stupid fat Australian b****. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was from New Zealand. She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted. She said she would kill my dog. Bizarrely she then blew raspberries at me like a child.”


Two officers told Macclesfield magistrates’ court that they had heard Mills use the word “Australian” during a drunken rant.

Mills agreed she had shouted, but denied she was being racist:


“I did not use the word ‘Australian’. I used to live with an Australian person. She was very nice.”

However, chairman of the bench Brian Donohue fined Mills 110 pounds (about $175) for racially aggravated public disorder and 200 pounds ($318) for assaulting a police officer during her arrest.

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Re: What is it about Australia

Maybe its only offensive to New Zelanders?