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Senior Contributor

Re: What is the best thing you tax dollars pays for?

Let's see, best things would include things like a common currency, roads, common defense, schools, taking care of the basic needs of the needy, that sort of thing.


Worst things/ biggest waste, or at least the most aggravating for me, would be when the government wastes money in contradictory ways.   Examples would be when the Pentagon, who already gets plenty of money, says that they DON'T need some more of some doo-hickey, yet a Congressman with a doo-hickey factory in their district appropriates millions more for more doo-hickeys they don't need, or even want.

Or, things like spending taxpayer money, to build a wind farm, because of the environmental benefits, and after it is built, and the money is spent, shut it down, becaue of the environmental problems it causes.    The same thing happened to a solar farm.

Or, when the CBO does an audit, and discovers that the deficit could be cut in half, with no losses of any benefits, to anyone (except some Federal employees who aren't needed) just by cutting waste and duplication, that they have already identified, but no cuts happen because Congressmen are too concerned with bringing home the bacon to their own districts, than actually being serious about getting the budget in line.

Or when some highly paid government employees are found to not be doing their jobs, or worse, wasting government resources doing things like surfing porn more than they are actually working, yet they still have their jobs (this would include things like IRS employees getting pay bonuses, while at the same time being delinquant on their taxes, or people who mis-appropriate money for things like making a spoof video of a 'Star Trek' episode, etc.).