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Re: What is worse

You desire that no other God comes before your eternal god, which is Almighty Central Government.

All hail the power of The Government's name!
Let subjects prostrate fall;
bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown Government Lord of all.
Bring forth the royal diadem,
and crown Government Lord of all.
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Re: What is worse

I don't think wife beaters are exclusive to any one race. In fact some might be farmers bankers republican democrats or any other description you might choose. It's the macho image that men must use to promote their manly man image. Others choose to arm themselves to prove their masculinity.


I remember back to when I was a mere child and my father exhibited total disgust for some specific wife beater. To quote him " they are the scum of the earth!"

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Re: What is worse

@Canuck_2 wrote:

@BA Deere wrote:

I`m glad that I pledge alligiance to "one nation under GOD", not the newfangled entity tax, police state that Don wants us to pay homage to.

Which one?




And what about those who understand there are no gods?

Which God....Man Made Global Warming Climate Change And Disruption Almighty Computer Model.

gough whitlam
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Re: What is worse

r3020 Veteran Advisor
Sep 20
You mean union employed police officers just walks down the street and shoot at people simply because they are black?WHAT HAS UNIONS GOT TO DO WITH THEIR JOB? THEY NOT EMPLOYED BY UNIONS BUT BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THAT IS A FACT. YOUR PARANOIA IS BOILING OVER AGAIN. Maybe we need to rethink how much power we want to give to the union police force. And I guess every citizen should have access to the same weapons a police officer carries. Maybe our government is no different than ISIS. Heck, look at how the citizens are treated by the IRS. Good point Mr. Kraft. I certainly wouldn't want to give them the power over my health care. If they will shoot blacks simply because they are black just think what the government could accomplish hiding behind the health care system.OOPS SORRY. I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE GETTING PARANOID. CLEARLY YOU ARE ALREADY THERE. PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE DOESN'T COVER THAT BUT YOU CAN GET IT REMEDIED UNDER OBAMACARE. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.