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Re: What is wrong, insulting or outrageous

@r3020 wrote:

@bruce MN wrote:

One can only hope that you are bieng intentionally obtuse, with all of the reams and files of documentatoin there is of the roles beingi purged in Florida in 2000.  Read don's linked article.  Greg Palast has made an exact, irrefutable science out of voter repression study.  Thanks, don. for putting it up.


And as for:


These inner city districts that had inadequate voting machines.  Were these in Republican, or Democrat controlled districts?


Who controlled or how any of those Districts leaned had nothing to do with it.  The voting aparatus was distributed by STATE election officials and in the most glaring cases that showed up in Ohio they had been put in place in the precincts by Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell, who is/was a well know GOP activist and unashamedly agressive party climber.

I don't know how they do it in OH but here we store the voting machines in the court house. Each district have their own and maintain them. We no longer use the big old heavy mechanical machines, they are now eletronic.




As they were in Florida in 2000 .... that is the reason some still had punch cards, while some had butterfly ballots and some had electronic. 



This whole VRWC has gone beyond silly...ESP coming from the biggest cheating party of all time...The DEMS.