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What it is like to be shot with a gun

Most survivors of gun shot wounds, people who have been shot with a gun, do not remember the experience very well.  They can describe the events in the hospital and the ambulance but they do not describe the very moment when they were hit with a bullet.


The intention of a bullet can be demonstrated.  We take a stick about 3 to 4 feet long.  On the end of this stick we tie a steel strained cable.  A steel rope 3/16 maybe 1/4 maybe 5/16 of an inch thickness.  I like for there to be a loop at the end and a fair weight which fastens this loop, a loop you can fit your thumb through.


This is like a whip with a lever.  


If you attempt to produce such a device you should have substantial eye protect AND a helmet.


Like the hood of a car.  Can you whip a hole into the hood of a car?  Yes?


This is the experience which guns are expected to produce.  The whip in this case will penetrate flesh with such whipping action to an extent specified.


The fastener, in the case of the whip we made acts somewhat like the caliber/grain or weight of the bullet.  If it is large the whip will be slow, small it will be fast.  Either way it imparts approximately the same amount of energy.  The faster the whip, the greater the point impact.  This is what make our whip one of the most powerful of devices.


A larger weighted whip will provide a large powerful impact but does not penetrate, instantaneously, as well given an elastic collision.  Flesh is very elastic and dispersive, therefore the greater weight will do great damage when it is effective.  It travels very quickly.


It should be very shocking and violent.  Like your skull being cracked like an egg.

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Re: What it is like to be shot with a gun

Next I'm going to hit you with a five pound hammer full force.