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Senior Contributor

What's next for ag?

With the election over and a new administration coming in, I'm curious......

All social and political hot button issues aside, what do you as ag producers want to see changed? What would most help you succeed? Tax reform? More/less subsidies; ala ethanol, crop insurance, etc.? More/less from Farm Service Agency, NRCS in the way of loans and help? Stabilization support enhanced?

What say you?
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Senior Contributor

Re: What's next for ag?

I want to see the essential rural infrastructure repaired and improved.  Fix the roads and bridges.  Install really, really high speed broadband.  More distance learning where appropriate.  More respect and support of community colleges that teach non-exportable skills.  We might have to consolidate more schools before we upgrade old, small ones.  

I don't like private companies with eminent domain, but I do believe the pipeline is better than trucks and rail, and the oil will be developed.  

I'd like to see less overreach by the Executive Branch.  Pull back EPA, CofE, and so forth.

We need more science and public education on food safety, including GMO and less giving in to scare-mongers and whackos.

We need to take a hard look at whether the government supports agriculture as a way of life or a business.  Do fillings tations and dry-cleaners get all the subsidizies farms do, and is it critical for farms?

Cut back on FSA and NRCS.  Let the Monarch butterfiles eat wheat.  Strongly reduce crop insurance. 

Senior Advisor

Re: What's next for ag?

 Level the playing field by ending all subsidies.