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Red Steele
Senior Contributor

What's up with politics?

Some politician,( I think it was Harry Truman or FDR or JFK, does't matter) once was heckled at an appearance, and the democrat poltician looked up the heckler later and asked what his issues were. "Well, sir, I am a republican and I don't like your stand on the issues."  THe politician then asked him why he was a republican, and he said "Because my father was a republican, my grandfather was a republican, and my great grandpappy was a republican."


THinking quickly, the politician then asked the man what if his father had been a jackarse, his grandfather had been a jackarse, etc....then what?


Not missing a beat, the heckler said, "Well, then I would be a democrat"   hahahahhaha


So many people are creatures of ingrained habits....they support the Clintons, who are way more tradtional republicans than the Bushes....THey either hate or love the bushes who are way more liberal than any tradtional republicans.....the bushes became the party of war, unsurping the democrats for that dubious honor , ...the clintons became the party that avoided war, and also ushered in welfare reforms, even though in fairness they were goaded on by a republican congress....on and on.


If people would just use that soft matter between their ears, they would quickly figure out they are being played for suckers by both sides.