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What should we be worried about?

This website offers some interesting reading.

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Re: What should we be worried about?

@SellerB wrote:

This website offers some interesting reading.

"nursing our anti-hereditarian political correctness to the bitter end"  Not THIS kitty and not any of you either, if I can help it.  Smiley Tongue


"Deng also encouraged assortative mating through promoting urbanization and higher education, so bright, hard-working young people could meet each other more easily, increasing the proportion of children who would be at the upper extremes of intelligence and conscientiousness."  Today in America, the opposite is happening, the only people reproducing in numbers are Blacks, Hispanics and White Trash -- intelligences on the lower end of the spectrum.  This is precisely dysgenics.


"He liberalized markets, but implemented the one-child policy —partly to curtail China's population explosion, but also to reduce dysgenic fertility among rural peasants."  This is precisely what is going wrong here.  The most dysgenic of Americans are having kids which should (under Darwin's Law) be selected OUT through starvation, disease and exposure.  But this isn't happening thanks to food stamps, medicaid and section-8 housing.  This precisely is what I am trying to stop!



adjective \(ˌ)dis-ˈje-nik\

Definition of DYSGENIC

1 : tending to promote survival of or reproduction by less well-adapted individuals (as the weak or diseased) especially at the expense of well-adapted individuals (as the strong or healthy)