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What the left calls far right.

Reading on the daily kos;

"Among the options congressional Republicans are said to be mulling in their war on the Environmental Protection Agency is the Congressional Review Act. Newly far-right Energy Committee Chair Fred Upton (R-Mich.)"


So let's look at this far-right congressman;

I checked out this radical and found he has said and done some of the extreme things after all.

 ""I strongly believe that everything must be on the table as we seek to reduce carbon emissions." In April 2009, he maintained that "climate change is a serious problem that necessitates serious solutions."

"Upton also supports some gun safety laws. From 1991-2003, Upton supported the interests of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence 55 percent and in 1993, Upton supported a waiting period for gun purchase to provide background checks for criminal records."

"In 2002, Upton faced conservative state senator Dale Shugars in the Republican primary. Shugars ran well to Upton's right on several issues, especially abortion."

"Upton promoted the banning of incandescent lamp bulbs in the U.S., in favor of compact fluorescent lamps"

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Re: What the left calls far right.

Evidently this is correct, think how many on here are far far far rightSmiley Surprised