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What to do with My Farmers

might be a tiny percentage who have had the scales fall from their eyes but I assume My Farmers will still go about 90% for Trump. 

There are only about 150K who matter, scattered across PA, MI and WI. IA and OH don't matter much although Trump is having to spend time and money there when they were thought to be locks.

Biden and a D Senate will come into office in January unless the POTUS is able to throw the country into complete chaos by then, and maybe anyway.

I assume they'll be dedicated to good governance and balancing the interests of all sectors but they won't owe "agriculture" a thing.

I guess there will be a Farm Bill one way or the other and it will try to make sure that the inflated cost of production is met/almost met. I think that anti-trust action against input and meat packing oligopolies would be a good move but I bet that farmer and corporate interests are now so intertwined that a lot of commodity and farm groups would oppose that.

Holding ethanol volumes (and getting them back up after the refinery exemptions) will be important and a very serious policy challenge as liquid fuel volumes decline. I guess the commodity groups can come up with something if they need to but for now they're laying low, hoping that the status quo doesn't change.

Those groups were quietly unenthusiastic about Trump's trade agenda (which proved prescient) but shut up when it became apparent how their members were leaning. Same goes for the rest of the possible agenda, I guess.

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Re: What to do with My Farmers

As for a farm bill  if it’s Joe, top heavy House and 52 (probably lowballing) Senators it will be greener than Kermit (apologies to Pepe) the Frog or a Minnesota or Des Moines River Basin prairie pot hole lake in late August.

It won’t even be a “mandate” matter. Just simply something that the vast majority of the public has wanted for years and has stood indefinitely perplexed over why nobody is doing anything.