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Re: So much hate

@GreaTOne_65 wrote:

You are or were closer to being right, than you know, Canuck. Pantyfan, is totally out of his league on this one.

Thanks for the link.

It confirms what I knew and noted from other stories.


Thos who do not keep up to date on finds about humans history make the mistake of thinking their group is the top of the line in genetic evolution and then assume their 'race' is different from 'others'.


Evolution does not work that way.


The 'half breed' remark shows the lack of knowledge about our genetic makeup and just how mixed up the breeding is in all our history and ancestory.


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Re: What was that guy's name?

Whoa conservatives! Are y'all trying to say that everything you post on here are original thoughts??? Sorry but you read crap from breitbart and the like and either post part of it or all of it and throw on a few comments of your own. Do why criticize someone for using a non-original thought post. We all read and post things we want to throw into the discussion. Milligan posted a VERY long comment that was 99% cut and paste very recently. He totally believes it but he didn't write it!