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What will be the Democratic message?

What will be the 2020 campaign message?  What will they promise to do that will improve the economy, the safety of the American people, the general well being of Americans?  


How will they give Americans more opportunity, better education, better wages?


What will they do about North Korea, Russia, China and the illegal invasion by Mexicans and Central Americans?  How will they treat Christians?  Will they attempt to overturn the second amendment and much of the first?


Or, will they run on "impeach or jail Donald Trump" and as Nancy Pelosi suggested, confiscate private business?  You know make America socialist so everybody (not in government) is equally poor. 

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

What is it the dem voters want them to run on?

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

Man if any one can figure out what makes a Dems brain tic we could cure the world.

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

I think they will have several messages....
The first....women...remember they make up
About 50 percent of the voters.
Trump has repeatedly thrown women to the
Curb....I think the Democrats can be successful
Healthcare...this could be a major point in the
Election ..Trump has failed on this point. The
American people want all people to be able to
Get coverage...and want lower premiums. The
Key is that the party needs to come up with
A workable solution.....
Immigration....again, come up with a workable
Plan...not talk...we have kicked the can down
The road too much....we must have some sort
Of plan to intragrate those who have been here,
Working, being become citizens.
Those trying to get in..,that is a difficult situation
But, we must remember....they are humans, not
Leadership....they must have a genuine leader...and
They must be willing to work together....Trump
And Washington have become polarized to the
Point nothing can get done.
We must come to our senses that both Democrats
And republicans are human, and have valid points

Trump was elected on several points, the first
Was "he can't be any worse than what we have"
And..."we need something different in Washington"
He was an outsider...that played in his favor...
And his childish talk made people laugh.... we are.....more divided than ever.

The republicans will most likely run Trump again,
Because they have nobody else....they are stuck
With him

If Trump runs, I don't think he will get it....there has
Been too much water under the bridge....and
His age.

But who do the Democrats have ????
I haven't seen anything outstanding yet.

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

Democratic message? Okay, I’ll play today.


How about: If you hate Trump, you voted for Hillary, and you are still just sick about the 2016 elections, then 2020 is your second chance at a bite of the same old apple.


Good luck

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

Don't know what the dominate message will be, but not looking good right now for them.  If the dominate message is "impeach Trump", or everything for "free", then Democrats are going nowhere fast.  Same if their primary message is to kill the 1st or 2nd amendments.  Partial or piecemeal overhaul of either healthcare situation or immigration situation has not been working, for either party.  Both issues need to be dealt with, top to bottom.  Our national debt relative to GDP cannot withstand much more tax-and-spend without achieving some substantial and meaningful and sustainable economic growth, and it needs to be in the private sector, not the government.  Our public spending relative to GDP needs to be brought under control without throwing us into another massive recession.  All approaches need to consider the sustainable social AND economic balance and consequences, both short and long term, along with the security of our national resources and sovereignty. 


So far, the Democratic messages are coming up short, but they could do worse.  Yet, for the Democratic messages to be much better, they need to re-think essentially everything, come up with a better model than everything Socialism.  Utopia only works if there is a sustainable source of wealth from which to distribute equally and infinitely, no social classes, no greed, no wealthy, no needy -- it doesn't exist except in the dreams of those who have nothing to lose or everything to gain.

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?   


I posted a good video before that kept getting wiped on here, imagine that?


Anyway, pay attention to the quote about catalytic growth and money realignment.  


I predicted an government ran on tarriffs and business taxes but free of income tax.  We are making strides in that direction.  


When the fed and unconstitutional income taxes are reigned in, you will see catalytic growth like you've never known.  


Great times are coming our way.

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Re: What will be the Democratic message?

I know at the local cannibal market, democrat brains are $100 a plate, while republican brains go for only $10 a plate.


you can never repeal the law of supply and demand.

Re: What will be the Democratic message?