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Veteran Advisor

Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

Remember at the circus, there would be an act where a fellow

Would spin and balance plates

On a stick....he would get more

And more spinning...then they

Would slow down and he would 

Have to go around and spin them

Up faster...but alast, after having

An impressive number of plates

Spinning....the number of plates

Are just too much...they fall, and

He franticly runs around trying

To keep as many going as possible,

But, in the end...they all crash to

The ground, and the fellow is

Out of breath and tired.

I believe this describes trump...

At first he was ok....but now the

Number of plates in the air is

Fast approching the point where

They start falling.

Then, at the circus...there are clowns...they act goofy...cant

Dress...everyone laughs at them,

Always acting silly....and all ride

Around crowed into a bus....

I think an accurate and fair 

Discription of republicans.

So who is worse....the man who

Keeps twisting, streaching, and

Breaking the law...causing a

Mess of foreign policy...and

Blows more hot air than a jet


Or the republican republican party, that see and know things

Are not right..but will not

Say a word....and jump in

And defend someone that is

Wrong....and congressmen

Sworn to help protect the

Country from such activities...

But do nothing...say nothing

Wrong...or are even part of

The the act.....

Maybe someone needs to open

The gate on the lions pen, and

Clear the tent..,..but what about

The country watching the show

From the bleachers ?




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Senior Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

Yeap. Nancy Pelosi is the circus master and liar Adam Schiff is the ring leader. Nothing but a clown show put on by those who bear false witness.

Senior Contributor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

I actually think Schiff is a ringer for Pennywise the clown, but this`ll do.

Senior Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

Cheaps, your compositions entertain me.

I see you got some serious rebuttals.

bruce MN

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

A allegedly deeply religious man like you making that sort of metaphor?

I doubt that Jesus or Peter ever grabbed anybody by the pxxxy. I do suppose when they started naming old St, Peye’s successors some funky stuff started happening., as Court records and settlement agreements have begun to show. But you’re kinda ripping a hole in the fascade here. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

Well then let those in congress with out sin cast the first ballot. Won't all of the senators running for president have to recuse themselves for a conflict in interest for trying to remove their main competition from the election? I mean they have to do the Christian thing don't they. That can't have an appearance of a conflict of interest.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

The Bible warns of judging.  We don`t know what`s in Trump`s heart or Obama`s heart or Hillary`s heart.   In my experience, those that kiss and tell or grab and tell usually are boasting and still "virgins".   We don`t know if Trump really grabbed, we know he boasted about it.  

David in the Bible was most beloved by God, a wise ruler of Israel and we know that King David grabbed Bathsheba.  We are all sinners. 

When the Left starts getting pious and attempting to shame Trump supporters into abandoning him because he wasn`t as pure as Jesus Christ (none of us come close).   

I do know this, had Hillary won, Fema trucks would be going up and down streets taking guns, baby killin` judges would`ve been appointed.  Abomination to God laws would`ve been enacted and if robberies and assaults in Minneapolis aren`t bad enough, open borders and more "strangers" prone to crime would be in our midst of this crumbling Christian nation.

Trump has kept his promises and will receive my vote once again.  God Bless President Trump!

Senior Contributor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

Ba; your post is a good example of some one who just believes things rather than live in reality.

So many things you state are just completely wrong or badly slanted.

Lets just look at one point, immigrants and crime.

That old claim has been shown to be wrong many times and your country would be safer if it was all immigrants with no native born citizens. Do your own research but here is a start.  And I do not know why this site will not let the complete link show when I try to copy but the 'link' below will take you to the CATO Institute with a study that looks at immigrants and crime with lots of other links to prove their results



With few exceptions, immigrants are less crime prone than natives or have no effect on crime rates.  As described below, the research is fairly one-sided.       

There are two broad types of studies that investigate immigrant criminality.  The first type uses Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data from the institutionalized population and broadly concludes that immigrants are less crime prone than the native-born population.  It is important to note that immigrants convicted of crimes serve their sentences before being deported with few exceptions.  However, there are some potential problems with Census-based studies that could lead to inaccurate results.  That’s where the second type of study comes in.  The second type is a macro level analysis to judge the impact of immigration on crime rates, generally finding that increased immigration does not increase crime and sometimes even causes crime rates to fall. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Whats worse...trump or republicans ?

We are not talking about immigrants. We are talking about ILLEGAL aliens. An ILLEGAL alien has already broken the law by ILLEGALLY entering the country. Immigrants are vetted. ILLEGAL aliens are not.