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Senior Advisor

When a law isnt a law !

Ive got a headache.

I read this news item that not

Only made me sick by made

Me ashamed of my state.

How the lying went.... said the gov doesnt

Have the no, its

A civil rights issue....stopping

People going to chuch....even

Tho its the rule of the land, the

AG tells law enforcement...dont

Enforce !!!!!

Then when they loose.....they all

Agree, it is a bad idea to hold

Church !!!!

Then in another paper....a church

And pastor announced a full


Now help me here....everyone

Says its it is a bad idea....and we

Have rule on the book to

Prohibit....yet AG says dont what happens when

People get sick...

Here, you try to figure it out

I have a headache !


Now...locally, we have an order by

County commissioners and health

Department also limiting groups,

Including churchs and funerals

to ten people....

It is not about stopping people

From practicing is

Just services, untill this is over.

It is about controling the virus.

Funny, they want it so you can

Freely spread the virus sunday

Morning....but i spent half an

Hour at hardware store trying 

To get what i needed...then at

Pharmacy, i could not walk in

Had to be given to on the sidewalk. have to be pre-examined to get in the clinic.

But if you have a 102 degree fever

Coughing, spitting sneezing

Nose running like a river,

And eyes drooling....come on

In brother to church.


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Senior Contributor

Re: When a law isnt a law !

(More  whining)

I agree with Governor Kelly shutting down or limiting people in church to 10, however the reason it was argued was that Kansas is limiting religious gathering's but not gathering's at Walmart or the Hardware Store.  The only Church that I heard that ignored the order was in Kansas City and we don't really count them as part of KS.

Oh, and if you have a 102 degree fever with coughing, sneezing and runny nose, don't go to Church, the hardware store, the grocery store or anywhere else.

Senior Advisor

Re: When a law isnt a law !

Now you know how we feel about sanctuary cities where they refuse to enforce immigration laws. ILLEGAL aliens have killed more American citizens than the wuhan corna virus.

Senior Contributor

Re: When a law isnt a law !

"When a law isn't a law !" Is it like when an Illegal Alien isn't Illegal?

Senior Advisor

Re: When a law isnt a law !

Yeah, they stand there at the border and say ms - 13 gang member come on in brother. Be sure to stop by the BMV and get signed up. Don't for get to check the box if you don't want a ballot to show up in your mailbox.