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Senior Advisor

When does the day come?

You can make a lot of money just knowing that after Trump creates a big down day in "the market" he'll come out with some mollifying tweet or comment and it will jerk back up.

Like all can't miss bets, it works until it doesn't.

While greed and self interest are awesome forces, there will come a time when The Market concludes that their POTUS is barking mad as well as utterly incompetent.

It is taking a while to get here but the moment was foretold when the wastrel scion of a Queens crime family who'd thrashed about the NY tabloids for decades before finding his calling playing a billionaire on TV met the head of the brilliant Chinese communist technocratic leadership* at Mar-a-Lago. Entertainment for the evening was club members playing catch with the nuclear football. TDS!!!! TDS I Tell You!!!!!

*don't have to like it but you have to have respect for what they've accomplished.

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Senior Advisor

Re: When does the day come?

appears that the current relief rally is predicated on the POTUS talking abut a phone call with Xi that didn't happen.