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Senior Advisor

When impeachment is all you have

You have to commit an impeachable offense in an attempt to get money and votes. Doesn't matter what it does to the country.



But in political terms, there is a sordid sort of genius to the Obama strategy. The threat of a unilateral amnesty contributes to internal G.O.P. chaos on immigration strategy, chaos which can then be invoked (as the president did in a Friday news conference) to justify unilateral action. The impeachment predictions, meanwhile, help box Republicans in: If they howl — justifiably! — at executive overreach, the White House gets to say “look at the crazies — we told you they were out for blood.”

It’s only genius, however, if the nonconservative media — honorable liberals and evenhanded moderates alike — continue to accept the claim that immigration reform by fiat would just be politics as usual, and to analyze the idea strictly in terms of its political effects (on Latino turnout, Democratic fund-raising, G.O.P. internal strife).

This is the tone of the media coverage right now: The president may get the occasional rebuke for impeachment-baiting, but what the White House wants to do on immigration is assumed to be reasonable, legitimate, within normal political bounds.

It is not: It would be lawless, reckless, a leap into the antidemocratic dark.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: When impeachment is all you have

In fact, all the blubbering by the right has no substance in law warranting impeachment. You all want maximum embarrassment for O but it will never happen. It is the right which will get embarrassment by the tonne eventually.
Veteran Advisor

Re: When impeachment is all you have

Pray tell, just what is the impeachable offense you are accusing Obama of doing??

Senior Contributor

Re: When impeachment is all you have

This is the only law he did not faithfully excute!! Putting Dumya and his criminals behind bars, or on the gallows!!