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When you dam up a out

Pat Buchanan articulates the great divide in America.....what the people want vs. what the politicians want.


Border security, fair trade, an end to the incessant middle east wars of choice, good relations with Russia....these are the four pillars that elevated Trump to the white house, and the reason the so-called political elites went on an immediate witch hunt to "get" him.


Trump squarely put the ball back in Nancy Pelosi's court with his compromise on giving dreamers a realistic pathway to citizenship....hopefully with a fine, an agreement to not seek public assistance and an iron clad provision to not offer welfare to them, and some other hoops to jump way should illegal border crossers get a better deal than any other immigrants to America get. Nancy will not compromise, and hopefully Trump will score enough points with American citizens of Hispanic descent to get ten percent or more of their 2020 votes.....if he does.....welcome to the next two term American President!