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Senior Advisor

When you think about it, trump's response to ....

When you think about it, trump's response to his election defeat is practically identical to his coronavirus response, denial.  He was told in Feb. how bad coronavirus was and would be but he refused to believe it, denied it, downplayed it, and did everything possible to avoid dealing with it.

  And look at where we are today.

  Likewise, trump lost the election and despite all the investigations and recounts, nobody can find any evidence of election fraud.  They just can't and God knows, it wasn't for the lack of trying.    But look at him, he just won't accept reality and let it go.

  And there's no limit to how far he'll go to change it, even if it means trying some kind of coup d'etat. It's this same failure to confront the reality of a situation that makes him so unfit and so dangerous as president.