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Jim B. in Iowa
Senior Contributor

Where did our 'drought' go??

So much for our dry spring. 

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I'll tell you what happened

It started raining the day I got the tiller back from the shop to till the garden.
BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Where did our 'drought' go??

It could be a monster crop coming(I hope not) but boy it`s hard to find a corn field not planted, worked up like a garden and planted lazer straight. Every month last winter and fall was suitable for tiling, pretty soon these fields are going to have so much tile they`re gonna have to `tile on top of tile`. Fencelines taken out, old building sites buried and planted over like they never existed. Ol` Zero Hedge says that "soy-a-beans" are gonna be a good price though  

Senior Advisor

Re: Where did our 'drought' go??

When others were planting and we thought it was too cold.....we were wrong. One more good day of corn and we will be ready for beans, not late but everytime "they" talk rain we get more than the time before. 1.1 this latest go round.