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Where is the prodical Oilcan.

I just want contributors to know, I am having withdrawal symtoms because our favourite joke has not been seen for a while. It started with mild headaches and has now stretched to full paralysis of my typing fingers.  They have seized up I think.  Has anyone heard from him/her.  Although he is as popular as a mouthful of cavities, I would not like to see him thrown on the scrap heap of Ag talk when his career was just beginning.  Come back Mollie, all is forgiven. Craig might know. Are you there Craig?. A

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Re: Where is the prodical Oilcan.


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Re: Where is the prodical Oilcan.

Just appreciate the fact that the site is in remission. I wonder if they used chemotherapy or radiation to rid ourselves of the affliction.

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Re: Where is the prodical Oilcan.

Leave well enough alone, gough. It was cluttering up the posts.