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Where's the Republican Convention?

I recall driving by Grant Park a few days after the 1968 Democratic Convention and you could still smell the tear gas. I guess maybe the question that I've heard whipered locally might actually have some merit i.e. "will Obama's troops fire on us?"


The following scenario seems to get more likely every day. Trump is by far the strongest candidate going into the convention but doesn't have a lock; no way the GOP establishment is going to roll over and after a dozen or so ballots, a motion emerges to nominate Mitt Romney as a reconciliation candidate.


Maybe you won't have riots outside- sniping from behind a tree in Revolutionary War fashion is more Team Trump's style, but anyway, all hell breaks loose.


No way is Trump not going to mount a third party challenge under those circumstances. And over the course of the campaign, Romney would run far to the right, as would Hillary (who's actually pretty far right herself except for the occasional shoutout to essential interst groups although goes unnoticed by the personality anti-cult.)


The result would more than likely be President Clinton (elected on her own platform approximately on par with the relative leftist GWB) and a Dem senate, possibly house.


Anyway, back to the top- could be quite a show.

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That could happen before the convention