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Where's the proof? Where's the headline?

I asked:

Just once.


Tell us what impact the Russians had on the election.  Tell us exactly what they did and how it affected your vote for Hillary.


No quibble, just facts.  No fake opinions, nothing but proven truth.  




What did I get?  Nothing.  Innuendo, reference to check out this or that.  After millions of dollars and months of attacks by left wing news sources and a corrupt government official, zip, zilch, nada.  In fact it's been stated unequivocally that NO voting machines were hacked.  <period!

The left insists that the millions of dollars possibly given by the Chinese to via the Internet were nothing to help elect Obama while suggesting that a few posts on social media possibly by Russians somehow threw the election.  Then to cement their ridiculous premise they repeatedly say Hillary won the popular vote which defeats the premise that the Russians affected the vote.


The Democrat/communist party is the same that claimed Reagan worked out a deal to have the hostages released and the same Democrat/communist party tried to make us believe George Bush flew to Paris and met with Iranians, the same Democrat/communist party that claimed President Trump doesn't pay taxes.  The Democratic/communist party is the party of lies, innuendo, half truths, riots, anti-semitism, anti-Christian, racial segregation and perversion. 


To believe otherwise is to ignore reality.  I believe that there are people in the party that fail to recognize what they are supporting.  Good people that have believed the lies because the Democrat/communists appeal to each segment of their individual groups with a different voice and because in many cases their parents were Democrats when times and thoughts were significantly different.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Where's the proof? Where's the headline?

As I commented yesterday. You need to ask Mueller. He’s the one gathering the info and don’t complain about time and money after gowdy’s fiasco with Hillary!
Senior Advisor

Re: Where's the proof? Where's the headline?

Senate intelligence committee

As far as headlines and news stories...
Just where have you been ?

Re: Where's the proof? Where's the headline?

Bruce tried leading one of the glue horses to water on that but not surprisingly, no drinky.


If you only receive your news from Trusted Sources then the Senate Intel Cmte does not exist and the House counterpart is a case of model jurisprudence.