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Senior Contributor

Re: Which Republican should I vote for on Tuesday?

Panterafan Veteran Contributor
4:35 PM
Harkin is a commie and so is this new dem, that being said I have a lot of friends and relatives in SW IA, where Ernst lives, they don't have a lot of nice things to say about her. So once again the sheeple have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Ooooooooh those commies again. And you said you didn't have a preference either way. But you wouldn't vote for the commies ay. But you love enjoying all the spoils that socialism has given you.
Honored Advisor

Re: BA, the next two big things

Absolutely, right now the darlings of the Democrat party are Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren, they wear the socialist label proudly, it`s a very small step from where they are.


This is just my crystal ball, but this economy is on it`s last legs, no more smoke and mirrors, no more rabbits, no more hats.   The national debt is such if interest rates go up, the interest payment alone would break the country.  if interest rates aren`t raised, who will buy the debt?  The fed pretended to "taper" but there you see, last quarter was negative growth, Belgium is picking up the slack. but for how long?  I would give half my small fortune for the exact date that will occur.


When TSHTF I would guess before the 2016 election (just a guess) you will see NewsWeek and Time magazine with stories like "How Capitalism Died".  I suppose the tide of illegal aliens will continue into the country with citizenship in some fashion.  So what we will have is a case of Custer vs the Indians.  The have-nots will outnumber the haves maybe 10:1 and the have-nots know how to vote.  Someone sitting out in the midwest with a 240 or 320 acre or more farm won`t fly in the face of people losing their jobs, benefits, pensions, 401k.  And whomever on the stump that promises a "wealth redistribtion" will win by a landslide.  The 2008 and 2012 elections were just practice runs.

Senior Advisor

Re: Which Republican should I vote for on Tuesday?

What did Bruce Braley ever do to you. Did he get a debt write off during the 80's?