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While AOC eats her $35,000 meal

She has no concern or tears for these. Petri dish of serious disease. Rich Hypocrat. Sargent Schultz media snoozes.


The source says the six portable restrooms at the camp are not enough for more than 4,000 people to use. A water tank on site is not sufficient for bathing or hand washing. The source says agents must stand watch over the migrants and there are growing concerns about health issues that may arise due to the unsanitary conditions.

Valverde County Judge Lewis Owens spoke to Breitbart Texas about the issue and voiced similar concerns. The judge says the small community of Del Rio is still dealing with COVID-19 issues and the local hospital is not equipped to deal with a major communicable disease outbreak, should one occur.

The brief video shows the entire span of the international bridge. According to County Judge Owens, a local non-government organization (NGO) shelter coordinated the release of 3,600 mostly Haitian migrants from the Border Patrol in August alone.

“The NGO and local hospital have tested some of the released migrants and have discovered HIV, TB and COVID-19 on several occasions, the federal government is not doing the testing,” Owens explained.

The makeshift camp sits on U.S. Customs and Border Protection property beyond the border fence and is not accessible or visible to the public. The detainees at the camp are not on any official detention rolls and have not been booked into official processing programs.