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bruce MN

While highly unlikely that they officially will

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Re: While highly unlikely that they officially will

(While highly unlikely that they officially will      -      If this isn't impeachable, nothing is - tom nichols)

The title should be:  If this isn't impeachable, nothing is - take #58+-.  

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Re: While highly unlikely that they officially will


“They’re trying to turn what was a Biden scandal into a Trump scandal.” @PeterSchweizer The problem is, “Trump” did nothing wrong!

“It appears that an American spy in one of our intelligence agencies may have been spying on our own president. The complaint suggests that this intel agent was listening in on Trump’s conversation....

....with a foreign leader. Was this person officially asked to listen to the conversation or was he or she secretly listening in?” @GreggJarrett

bruce MN

Re: While highly unlikely that they officially will

I’m wondering if that isn’t actually someone’s job. 

You can’t blame any of these RW/AlT wonks for throwing this sort of stuff at the wall. It’s been working very well. 

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Good Objective Reporter


Nichols describes himself as a Never Trump conservative,[9] and has been described as one of "the most eloquent conservative voices against President Trump."[10] During the 2016 presidential campaign, Nichols argued that conservatives should vote for Hillary Clinton, whom he detested, because Trump was "too mentally unstable" to serve as commander-in-chief.[10] Nichols continued this argument for the United States elections, 2018.[11]

After the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, Nichols announced on October 7, 2018 that he would leave the Republican Party and become an independent, claiming that Senator Susan Collins' yes-vote on the confirmation convinced him that the Republican Party only exists for the exercise of raw political power.[12] He also criticized the Democratic Party for being "torn between totalitarian instincts on one side and complete political malpractice on the other" and said that the party's behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings, with the exception of Senators Chris Coons, Sheldon Whitehouse and Amy Klobuchar was execrable, but the Republicans have become a threat to the rule of law and constitutional norms.[12]

In an opinion column, Nichols cited the Mueller Report to argue that Donald Trump failed in his role as a citizen and as Commander in Chief by not doing more to prevent and punish the Russians for interfering in the 2016 presidential election.[13]