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bruce MN

While the smugness continues

As the Commander in Chief declares that he’s become bored:

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Re: While the smugness continues

(As the Commander in Chief declares that he’s become bored: )

Maybe engel has given up on his hopes that the US economy would tank so Trump isn't re-elected, and is giving this a try.  


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bruce the neocon

Who would have believed it?

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Re: bruce the neocon

Bruce must troll 24-7 to find anything he can to post against the one so evil that Bruce cannot even type his name.

What a head case.

Meanwhile, it's another beautiful, bright, sushiney  day in outstate MN, where 95 percent of the land area supports President Donald Trump and is held hostage by two counties in the metropolitan area that encourage illegal immigrants to settle and create democratic voters.

Egypt, in the old testament found out too late what happens next when they let Joseph bring in his dozen brothers and their families.

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Re: bruce the neocon

Didn’t realize land could vote