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White House Budget Is DOA.

If you don't think the anti-spending fervor of the tea party is catching, just look at what happened to President Obama in the Senate on Wednesday. His budget was unanimously rejected.

Imagine President George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan not getting a single vote on one of their major economic recovery programs.

The establishment media would be crowing that their credibility was shot, their presidency discredited.

Yet somehow The One gets a pass from the press after both parties in the Senate finally agreed on something: the president's budget is dead, dead, dead.

Both parties are keenly aware that the public is fed up with what Obama calls "investments" — what those not addicted to the Washington spigot recognize as yet more wasteful government.

But even as liberal members of Congress fear the spend-like-drunken-sailors label, the penny ante spending cuts in his budget gave them opportunities to pander to their political base.

That's because while Obama establishes scores of new federal agencies in his health law, his budget proposes slashing low-income heating fuel assistance by more than half for next winter, from $4.7 billion down to $2.57 billion.

Wow, let's take away $2 billion from the poor next winter. That'll show the voters how serious the president is about cutting spending.

Pay no attention to the multitrillion-dollar elephant in the room reminding everyone of the reckless, unprecedented spending binge during the two years that Democrats held complete control of Congress and the White House.

That $2 billion in "cuts" is a pittance, a purely symbolic pump fake by our basketball-playing president to make people think he's serious about restraining a government to which he has given massive new powers.

Predictably, liberal Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., is leading dozens of House Democrats in blocking such cuts to the poor.

And every TV appearance by Markey and his comrades reinforces in the minds of viewers the phony notion that Obama is a spending cutter.

But where is the Democrats' alternative budget?

As Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., told Fox News' Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, "They have not offered anything."

Camp noted that "when we look at spending, two-thirds of that is entitlement mandatory spending, so you cannot actually get" to budget balance "without reforms that will make these programs sustainable for the long run, not just for today's seniors, but well into the future."

Camp was of course referring to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's budget proposal, which is one of the most courageous efforts at reform ever seen in Congress — too courageous even for many GOP senators, including Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who seems to have few scruples about betraying the Tea Party faithful who worked so hard to elect him last year.

Ryan's plan cuts spending, reforms taxes and would put Medicare and Social Security on a sound fiscal footing. So Republicans do have a plan.

But that's not the only one. House Speaker John Boehner Thursday announced a "Plan for America's Job Creators" to "remove government obstacles to private-sector growth — the kind of real economic growth that the Obama 'stimulus' proposed but failed to deliver."

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said that when the plan's details are released they will include tax reform designed to expand federal revenues through increased economic growth.

As Boehner said, "We'll never balance our budget and rid our children of debt until we cut spending and have real economic growth."

The Obama budget's resounding 97-to-0 drubbing in the Senate has been roundly ignored. You can bet that won't happen when House Republicans take a page from the tried-and-true Reagan playbook and put forward a plan that will cut taxes, slash spending, reform entitlements and bring U.S. economic growth back.

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Senior Contributor

Re: White House Budget Is DOA.

Thanks for putting this up, Craig. I have heard nothing about this on ABC, NBC, CBS.  Democrats have no budget. They never passed a budget in 2010.

Veteran Advisor

Re: White House Budget Is DOA.

Is your statement the same as: "The Senate also voted against the budget plan offered by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., 40-57.

The White House responded Thursday to a unanimous 0-97 Senate vote against a motion to vote on President Obama's budget."


Somehow I don't think so.  Why do you never tell the whole truth.?  NO ONE voted for OR against the budget itself yet!

Senior Contributor

Re: White House Budget Is DOA.

Stuck you foot in that one, didn't you Demo, should have done a little investigation before taking Craigo at his word, he's proved his word is worthless.

Senior Advisor

Re: White House Budget Is DOA.

Scott Brown is representing Massachusetts not some podumk critters called teabaggers. I'll bet you that more dems supported him than teabaggers. If they had voted party lines, he would not be a US senator today.

Re: White House Budget Is DOA.

The reason that the lame stream media does not cover it is described nicely by John Lappart (Johnaa) in his thread found on this forum.


19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs. This is perhaps a variant of the 'play dumb' rule.  Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, claim the material irrelevant  and demand proof that is impossible for the opponent to come by (it may exist, but not be at his disposal, or it may be something which is known to be safely destroyed or withheld, such as a murder weapon.) In order to completely avoid discussing issues, it may be required that you to categorically deny and be critical of media or books as valid sources, deny that witnesses are acceptable, or even deny that statements made by government or other authorities have any meaning or relevance. 

I don't know which number it is....

......on john's great list but the reason it hasn't been reported in the mainstreamis that what the clown who wrote the IBD piece of crap that you pasted up there says happened NEVER FREAKING HAPPENED! 


Which rule, or many of the 25 does that fall under?

Senior Contributor

Re: thanks for praising the tea party

that is the beauty of the tea party they vote for the best person NOT THE PARTY--good observation