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Hawken Cougar
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Re: Re:People can honor whomever they wish.

They will be measured by their accomplishments. It's hard to envision any of them as heros.

Re: Whitney Houston blather

  I enjoyed Janis and Jimmy was in a league by himself, I think Janus was on a downhill slide she couldn't recover from.  Whitney Huston never came anywhere close to greatness, it's just a current theme for the MSM to feel time in their hollow crap they use to divert the sheeple from the real news.. 


It has nothing to do with "heroes, Don, but don't put down Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Mozart or  Dvorak.   They invented music that everybody else has based theirs upon.  The world would be pretty **bleep** empty if they had not lived.  Call it greatness. 


   Every time I listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan I wish there was more, think there was a lot more to come.   If he was around as long as BB I believe he would have become the best of all, ahead of Beck, Page and Clapton and BB.  I'm sure drugs took a hard toll on Page, he could have developed further, he seems to not be able to do anything new, but I just love to watch him and see his joy in making music.   Maybe I'll go to utube and watch him now.

Re: Whitney Houston blather

John... I've never really confessed to this before but you've driven me to it. When I heard the (rumored) news that a chopper had gone down in Wisconsin and it was feared that Clapton was on board I felt bad but then when the reporting became accurate and it turned out to be SRV I became mortified. Somerthing lost wirh no possibility of duplication. Sort of like what happened to poultry, and subsequently all animal breeders, when the Land Grant brain trust recommended wiring and leaving the lights on in the chicken house.