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Senior Contributor

Re: Who Shall be the First

Then democracy ended when gore lost?  I'm confused.

Senior Advisor

Re: Who Shall be the First

You mean like when the dems refused and still do until this day that Trump won the 2016 election freely and fairly?

Do you want to doc that?

I recall surprise, disappointment, disbelief etc. but 8 don’t recall an6 denial or ballot counting uproar.

What have you got.

Thinking back the 2000 shenanigans were much worse and on a bigger stage than anything that might have happened in ‘16 or ‘20.  Yet the candidate, the greater party and voters took it in the chops and went on.

Quit making shift up.

Senior Advisor

Re: Do you want to doc that?

Now you are back into your sargent Schultz mode. What a tool. A very very VERY dull tool.

I’m eager to be sharpened

Hone me.  

Whatcha got? Who went on a propaganda rampage? Who sued anybody? Who called on States to send alternate electors.

The Party that put up the lousy candidate and realized it only after the fact took it’s lumps. Like it will when this year’s count will.

Now…if the Democrats happen to hold the Senate in the first reported results watch your heroes launch their volley. They’ll go ape ***** over ever feared loss.

Senior Advisor

Re: I’m eager to be sharpened

I guess you never heard of russian collusion which selected Trump. You know nothing. You see nothing. You hear nothing.

Re: I’m eager to be sharpened

Which it did ….where are you going with this?

I’ve asked you a number of times…will again…have you taken the time to read the Mueller Report?

More than that Knapper

Are these results, however long they take to come in, going to be seen as a mandate of some sort?

People gonna’ say “Wha’”?

Senior Contributor

Re: More than that Knapper

(How can anyone call fraud on election day, if it takes days to count the vote?)




This is aging beautifully.