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Senior Advisor

Who is the third choice ?

After last nights mess, we need one !!!


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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Who is the third choice ?

I thought Biden did passably well when faced with a raving lunatic.

You could have put him on that stage with anybody else from the '16 GQP clown car and it would have been somewhat normal.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Who is the third choice ?

No - a third party candidate is not an option.   Third party candidates, like in 2016, are simply used as a “distraction”,  to get an uninformed individual to vote for “none of the above”.   What happens, is your vote is simply thrown away.   

That’s what the “Jill not Hill” campaign was all about in 2016.   It was meant to simply pull votes away from Hillary, and, combined with all the rest of the antics of the Republicans in 2016, is how we ended up in the mess we are now, with a president whom was not fully vetted, and thinks he is “king” and above the law.   Combined with a Senate to support him, Trump does do whatever he wants.   And does get away with it.....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying.......