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Re: Who really won popular vote?

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Have no idea how much it happens, but -- some states do not require proof of citizenship to obtain a drivers license, and while at the DMV, they also register to vote.  Recent case in point was a woman who was deported to Peru, and voted in the last election (had registered to vote at the DMV), her children are naturalized citizens (I think), and her grandchildren are natural born citizens. 


I know many years ago, when I obtained my 1st drivers licence, I had to furnish a certified copy of my birth certificate.  Since then, I've moved to Illinois, to Missouri, to Illinois, to Indiana, to Missouri, to Arkansas, to Illinois, and back to Missouri -- I don't think I've ever been required to provide anything other than the drivers license that I was surrendering, and I registered to vote with each move.  They mail out registration cards to show/confirm you're still registered each year -- I assume if those cards get returned undelivered, that those voters get "purged".  Also, don't think those voter ID cards get forwarded to new addresses -- at least, I don't recall ever receiving one that was forwarded from an old address.