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Who`s more dangerous Brian Williams or Jon Stewart?

Brian Williams just exaggerated his personal experiences, to puff himself up, no different than a guy picking up chicks in a bar.  In Williams case, he wanted more cred with his audience, perhaps being offered a more lucerative contract.   But, all in all Brian Williams is basically a harmless "Barney Stinson".


Now look at Jon Stewart, too many people consider him to be a "journalist" and I never heard him attempt to set anyone straight on that.  But, he`s a comedian, he steers the direction of opinion on a news topic.  There wouldn`t be anything wrong with editorializing, if you make it clear up front as your intentions.


From what I`ve seen of Stewart, he spins stories to the left and yawns at clips of someone with the voice of reason, he basically hynotizes the audience of wannabe hipsters.  At any rate Stewart is or will be gone and no one will come close to taking his place.

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Re: Who`s more dangerous Brian Williams or Jon Stewart?

Thought you guys would be dancing a jig over Bob Simon getting his.


He was part of the CBS Vietnam crew that (after several years of supporting the official line) decided to start reporting how it was really going.


Thus leading to our defeat, and Our Soldiers being spat upon.

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Re: Who`s more dangerous Brian Williams or Jon Stewart?

You just keep on laughing at him. He says the truth but in a humorous way in the same vein as Will Rogers.