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Re: Who's publicly rooting for a recession?

(If  times  were  good  liken  to  the  2005   through  2008 ,  rates  should  be  increasing  - maybe  to  slow  things  down  a bit    ?   I'm  puzzled  -  ?)

Yea, that's some pretty steep drops over a short period (July 2007 to July 2008), either predicting the downturn or part of the cause.

There should have been a couple small rate hikes in Obama's 2nd term, then the rush of rate hikes once Trump is elected, makes them look political - I hope that wasn't the case.

Seems to me that a little higher rate is better for the economy, i.e. the latter Clinton years.   

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Re: Who's publicly rooting for a recession?

I like low rates because I borrow, but I`m on Dave Ramsey`s "baby steps"  Smiley Happy   During Obama, a CD at the bank was 1.25% that`s what Obama was borrowing money for and on a $10 to $20 Trillion national debt that was a huge boost to him.  But as a small time borrower, if I pay 5% instead of 3.5% it`s no big deal, old goats living off interest have to have a lot of stash with their interest at 2%.  Of course if they put half in the stock market and get a pretty safe return of 4% it averages out.  But, with everything happening I think we need to start looking at "return of our money" not so much "return on our money"   Smiley Happy

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Re: Who's publicly rooting for a recession?

What    rate  is  Trump  borrowing  at ,  for  the  new,   improved,   deficit  -   ?